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Musings of Time -unfinished-
         Well, I find it prudent to first introduce myself. I am the manifestation and keeper of what is known as Time. I make sure it runs in proper order, and that everything follows as it should, and nothing is usurped. I will address many issues in this literation of my musings, and almost all points of view interconnect at one point or another. Be patient, all will be explained, quite fittingly, in time.
        First, I will address the very thing that I govern. Time.
        Many people regard time as a straight line. That is rather incorrect. Events repeat, parallel, and deja vu often. If time were simply a straight line, all creatures traveling the same line, then nothing would ever be repeated, mistakes would always be learned from. But since there is a flaw to every being, including the fact that life itself runs in cycles, this can never hold true.
:iconriko-jokh:Riko-JOKH 0 2
Creative Assignment - GoST
         Estha's gradual sink to silence was unnoticed by all. He already was quiet, so when problems did arise, he simply never spoke. At the boy's school in Calcutta, he had occassional problems with the students. Most of the boys at the school were rich, beach colored boys. The angelic pets of the teachers. Estha was dirt colored. Some could see Satan in his eyes. He was Different.
          Estha was eating lunch quietly - overcooked, rubbery meatloaf. Like Kochu Maria's skin - wrinkled and dark. This made Estha smile at the thought. Then he remembered more, and the smile faded. He looked down at his lunch tray, at the potatoes that were growing little white whiskers, the age spotted apples. A beach colored angel yelled over at Estha.
         "Blackie! What you making faces for?" The boy challenged Estha. He was hatted. English. Loved From The
:iconriko-jokh:Riko-JOKH 1 0
Maybe I'm Just Misunderstood
     Looking back on this life, there is a lot I could have done better. Great spirits, there is a lot I could have done better in all of my lives that I've lived. Yet... I cannot pinpoint where exactly it all went horribly wrong. How did I become the worthless, wretched, forsaken creature that I was? Was it my parents? My sister? The cats I had grown up around? My own, innate flaws? Or perhaps the fact that I became the very monster that I feared the most? I do not have the answer. Maybe it was a dreadful concoction of them all.
     "What are you going to name her?" A sandy colored tom asked a red and brown tabby queen, as she gazed down at her two kits with stormy blue eyes. The mother nosed the larger one roughly, and licked its light ginger and white fur clean.
     "She looks like a small, clever fox. What do you think, Alpine? Does Fox sound good to you?" She licked her strong, vulpine daughter pro
:iconriko-jokh:Riko-JOKH 1 0
Spirit Life: Chapter 1 -RD-
Chapter 1
The More the Merrier
     "So, do you understand?"
     "Huh?" A grey tabby cat asked blankly, spacing out, looking at the huge brown longhair tabby. He flattened his ears, and looked up at him with wide, innocent yellow eyes. "Ummmm.. no?" Suddenly he was on his side, barley stalks flattening under his bulk. He swiveled his ears back, looking indignant. He was on his feet in a moment, barely avoiding another cuff from the longhair's huge tawny paws.
     "Damnit Kaito, when I tell you something I expect you to listen! The rabbit that leaps too quickly from his nest, is the first to be eaten." The huge longhair towered over him, easily four times larger than Kaito, his two tails lashing in hostility, the barley waving from the force of it. Kaito rolled his eyes, earning another cuff from the Nekomata.
     Kaito growled, and wrinkled his nose nose at him. "The day that I
:iconriko-jokh:Riko-JOKH 0 27
What Should I Say?
What should I
Don't cry
I'm still alive
I must find my meaning
Don't fear destiny
Don't fear fate
What else is there
To say?
I lay here alone
I stare into thin air
Wandering my dreams
I don't know what I want
I don't know what's right
I look into your light
That you shine
Maybe it's not too soon
to say
It's not that I don't care
I must find my meaning
I must do so alone
So alone
Don't miss my words
Don't miss my self
Nothing's forever
Time and space are measurements
I lay here alone
I cry into thin air
Wandering my dreams
I don't know what I want
I don't know what's right
I look into your light
that you shine
Maybe it's not too late
To say
Nothing's forever
Time and space are measurements
Except for one thing
Lasting eternal
Maybe it's not too late
To say
What is there
To say?
I should say
I love you
:iconriko-jokh:Riko-JOKH 1 7
What Do You See?
Do you see a song,
A peal of your soul,
Showing what you long,
A single opaque sound,
To know you belong?
Do you see a tear,
A cry of lonliness,
Reflecting your fear,
Only you and your shadow,
No one else here.
Do you see a hope,
A guiding light,
When you can't cope,
Darkness is banished,
Calming the scope.
Or is the moon a mirror,
A window to the heart,
Making all clearer,
To the answer to be found,
Bringing you nearer...
To the meaning of yourself.
:iconriko-jokh:Riko-JOKH 1 0
Description Challenge - Sunsky
Description challenge!
Describe a person without mentioning their hair colour, eye colour, height and clothes. - WA-Writersblock

I'm using my cat characters, Sunchaser and Brackenpath, so I won't mention fur color, fur length, eyes, height, or markings.
     Sunsky looked at Brackenpath, and felt her breath be taken away. It was as if she was seeing him again for the first time. He smiled at her. Her eyes were drawn to his neat, white teeth. She looked at the one canine that was slighty longer than the other, and stuck out a little from his lips, giving him a surly, bad tom look. And when he grinned, it gave him a look of asymetry, that gave him further distinction from every other regular ol' cat. She was so distracted by it, that she barely heard him speak.
     "Hello, Sunsky. I see the last few decades have treated you well." Sunsky could only stare, open mouthed. She looked at his cute little pink nose. She had often teased
:iconriko-jokh:Riko-JOKH 1 5
Canid-kin: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
For the Good
     "I know you are probably wondering why you were recruited, why you were called here. You were called here because you are the best of the best in the Highland County Police Department. You all should have received a letter giving a summary of the current situation. The bottom line is, one of the experimental subjects that we have assumed to be dead has been spotted in the rural area bordering the Black Pass mountains. We need all of your cooperation to rid the area of this threat."
     Kiki looked around, thoroughly bored. She was in uniform, the star on her jacket denoting her status as Captain. She was the only woman in the group, the rest all men. She looked at the speaker. He was obviously a man of power, in a black suit and tie, standing straight and proper. He had short cut black hair, and dark eyes. Kiki was drawn to his hands, which he was using to point at the projection behind him. They were
:iconriko-jokh:Riko-JOKH 0 11
Spirit Life: Prologue
How it All Began
     In the beginning, there were six beings that formed from ether, nonmaterial, but existant. Ouryuu, Seiryuu, Suzaku, Byakko, Genbu, and Kirin. They all were of seperate energies. Ouryuu, a great yellow serpent of the center, the being of earth energy. Seiryuu, the great blue dragon of the east, the being of wood energy. Suzaku, the great red phoenix of the south, the being of fire energy. Byakko, the great white tiger of the west, the being of metal energy. Genbu, the great black tortoise of the north, the being of water energy. And Kirin, the great opalescent unicorn of the no where, the being of void energy. The six lived in complete harmony, all complimenting and balancing each other.
     However, the six became lonely and contemplative, wanting to find the answer to their existance. They spoke at length, for many days and nights, debating what they should do with their existance. All but one agr
:iconriko-jokh:Riko-JOKH 2 33
I Know Why The Moon Cries:2 RD
Chapter 2
Diplomacy is a funny thing. Done with good intentions, it can improve the situation, bring new alliances, and make new friends.
[9/7/10 -Today I made the Forum for the Talented and Gifted, for future use as a reference site for us that are Talented, for other Talented to hopefully gather, and also as a possible place for me and my group to talk to a group of Talented that we believe to exist, due to evidence of them erecting a shield in Earthen's mind, intrusion in my mind, and intrusion in Obsidian's mind. I will NOT tolerate anyone intruding in my mind without permission. However, I worry that this may be a misunderstanding, their way of trying to protect us, and trying to get our attention. If it is a misunderstanding, I hope to solve this, Talents should be working TOGETHER, not apart.
-As of today, I can transfer energy, use energy for attacks and increasing or decreasing my shield, and I can see auras within people's minds, and in real life, and
:iconriko-jokh:Riko-JOKH 1 8
I Know Why The Moon Cries: Ch1
Chapter 1
The Start
If I had known, had any idea of what I was getting into, when I first spoke to Dakoushimaru...
     I closed my eyes, and envisioned a dark room. I had read online prior to this, to find your daemon, you must invite them in, and close the door behind them, as so they do not feel unwelcome. You'd have to feel them come in, and be precise, so you do not close the door too soon, or you would never hear froom them again. I had heard his voice yelling at me a few days prior, when I made a careless mistake while cooking. "You idiot!" I knew he had to be real. And if this works... I'd never be lonely again. I called out, mentally, in the dark room. "Are you there? Please, come in!!! I felt something enter. Another presence. Me. But not me. I  closed the door immediately. I couldn't let him leave me!
     "Why did you do that?" The me but not me asked. I responded, "So you would not l
:iconriko-jokh:Riko-JOKH 1 19
Canid-kin: Prologue
With Foxes and Ferals
     The grass wove to and fro from the soft wind. The trees whispered to their neighbors. Except for the plants, no sign of life was visible. The glow of sunset was visible through the trees, a fiery color, setting the sky aflame. Small wisps of mist rose from the dark forest floor. There was not enough colors for it to be fall, and too many leaves to be spring. Suddenly, there was a rush of gray and brown, as a rabbit fled the scene, its large back legs slamming into the ground. Its eyes were wide with terror, an eerie light in them. Then it was gone, and the forest was silent once more. Suddenly more creatures flashed by with the same terror in their movements and eyes. Graceful does and bucks flashed by, with rodents barely avoiding their cloven hooves, the grass flattened and crushed. There were small lights falling, little pieces of stars, glowing faintly. Birds flocked above, their cries sharp and piercing. All birds
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The Oddities of the Heart
                                          Prologue: Oddities of the Heart
Sometimes, there is no sign of something ominous about to happen. Sometimes, you cannot see the answer that stands right before you. There are times when things get out of hand, and you have to consider every possibility. If you do not get up now, you may just die…
Akai woke up with a jolt of pain coming from his chest. He had no idea why there was so much pain focused in one particular area. He felt that his heart was seizing to beat for a moment, but it was doing nothing but stopping-in fact, it was beating rapidly. Akai felt his bare chest for  a moment, and panted heavily as his heart beat rapidly against his right palm. What was going on with him? Why did his heart hurt so? What was
:iconhatoro:Hatoro 3 6
Thus Spoke Zarathustra by IngoSchobert Thus Spoke Zarathustra :iconingoschobert:IngoSchobert 2,053 381 this morning by tea-house-moon this morning :icontea-house-moon:tea-house-moon 1,038 65 Curse of the CareWeres by Winter-artwork Curse of the CareWeres :iconwinter-artwork:Winter-artwork 3,186 375
Where Love is Hate
If love is a battlefield
Do we shoot to kill
Or wade in what others
Do for a thrill
Where love is hate
I'll hate that love
Where love is hate
I'll rise above
I've seen the depths
Of my own deep
And silenced the dreams
In my own sleep
The heartless stare
3 Strikes past care
Like opposing cogs
All out of grease
It appears the peaceful
Are at war with peace
With hearts so broken
Our love is empty
With hearts cut open
Your love so tempts me
But your love is hate
So I hate your love
Your love bleeds fate
I rise above
:iconsaintiscariot:SaintIscariot 3 5
A Kiss For You, Madame.
A kiss is just
A simple touch
Of the lips.
And yet it is something
More beautiful
More deeper then that.
It is a bond
Between two people
No matter which gender.
It is a seal of love
Between two lovers
As they say their "I do"s.
It is want for
A soul mate
To help you through life.
It is a sign of unity
Between the people
Of the world.
When two lips meet
In a lover's kiss,
In a lover's embrace.
:iconcollateral-damage666:Collateral-Damage666 19 35
Why Is Your Heart So Weak?
I held you in my arms
As your breathing
Began to wane.
Trying not to let
The tears fall.
I always loved listening
To the beat of your heart,
That muscle in your chest.
It always sounded so strong.
So tell me please,
Why is reality so wrong?
Why is it that your heart
Now sounds so weak?
:iconcollateral-damage666:Collateral-Damage666 37 20
Generic Walk Animation by Wild-Hearts Generic Walk Animation :iconwild-hearts:Wild-Hearts 49 9 My Definitions by Goldenwolf My Definitions :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 4,343 770
The memory of you
That memory of you,
staring into my eyes,
is captured in my mind.
That dream of you,
you, putting my hand across your heart.
Is threaded across my own.
The image of you,
standing in front of me,
hair of chocolate and caramel curls,
legs sturdy and straight
chest held high,
no expression.
But the eyes,
seep into the darkest night.
It makes my body long for you.
And the love I give you…
shatters my soul,
into a billion pieces.
:iconfireladyloserrequest:fireladyloserrequest 3 4
Love is flight.
I used to believe that the strongest love was one that were never noticed or returned.
Now I realize that there's more than that.
Feelings that aren't returned, they're so strong they hurt.
I know this because I've felt that hurt.
The hurt that doesn't go away, and only gets stronger the more you think about it.
The hurt that kills you inside, yet you can't stay away, like an addiction.
The hurt that makes you desperately want to shout out your feelings, in the hopes that you'll feel better.
The hurt that disappears when that person smiles at you.
You must realize, love is not hurt.
Love is not needing to see their face to ease the pain.
Love is not looking with longing at someone who doesn't know how you feel.
Love is not sitting alone, wishing for a chance.
Love is not hurt.
Love is so much more than that!
Love is feeling the touch of another, and feeling how right it is.
Love is kno
:icona3s1r:A3s1r 4 4
close your eyes.
close your eyes and remember.
remember how it felt to be in his arms. remember how it felt when your bodies were connected. how it felt to lie beside him and know he was still there. to know he hadn't left when he had the chance. to feel his fingers running up and down your spine and his soft lips against your neck. to feel his body in your own arms. to trace him, from his legs to his hips, the slightest masculine curves, to feel your hands against the muscular tone from his chest down to where it so elegantly mixed together. remember his beauty. his breathe and his taste and how his breathing put you to sleep.
now unravel your mind.
unravel your mind and feel.
feel how good it was to be loved. how high your heart had lifted itself and how beautiful the world was when he was in it. feel how your head would spin and your heart would fly when he put hi hands on you. feel how his voice was like a song to you. how hard it was to keep yourself from being uplifted when you k
:iconotterp0p:otterp0p 10 22
"I love you." The words escaped my mouth before I could hush them. His lips curled upwards in a cruel but beautiful parody of a smile that sends my whole body quivering with anticipation.
Precision is his tool, and everything he does, he does with calculated, measured intention.
"Again," he said. A command, simple seeming, but it bears more weight than any command he'd given yet, even the one separating me from Life.
I try to push the words off my tongue, but they seem to be stuck now, blocked by the shock of my initial outburst. Sensing my hesitation, he seized hold of my head and grasped it tightly, forcing me to look at him. I tried to break free, startled as I was by the suddenness of his actions, but his strength overcame my frail attempts.
"Be still!" He ordered me firmly. I had no choice but to listen. I could no more defy him here in his own realm than I could in life. "Now," he said coolly in my ear, "You already belong to me. What have you to fear in saying that phrase again?
:iconisiri-blackthorn:Isiri-Blackthorn 31 45
Archangel Armor by Azmal Archangel Armor :iconazmal:Azmal 1,293 136 Archangel Helmet by Azmal Archangel Helmet :iconazmal:Azmal 5,580 542
Woe is Me
Woe is Me
By: Adam M. Snow
The dawning of an ageless night,
Starts with fear of love's delight,
Calling upon a vespertine heart,
Soon to fail and fall apart.
Broken tears now laid to rest,
My sorrow tears know what's best.
For my ghost shows pity for the lost,
With final dreams the only cost.
Lest I forget the endless sorrow,
Coming close, the forsaken morrow,
Melancholy of my one desire,
Burning sensationally like a fire,
Waking from a lonely slumber,
No dream should I encumber.
My destiny awaits my fate,
Feeling no love, only hate.
My ghost awaits the world to see,
One thing on my mind, "Woe is me."
:iconbornanimefreak:BornAnimeFreak 27 9



United States
Current Residence: S. Cal
I'm actually going to church tomorrow. I can't remember if the mass starts at 9 or 10... It takes quite a bit over an hour to get there, and I'd like some leeway time anyway, so I'll leave around 7am. I'm going to ask if I can head the relief nursery, like my mom used to. Pretty much what I'd be doing is watching over young children of churchgoers if they don't do well in a church, or they simply only want to go to Liturgy of the Word (which is the gospel for children) Well, why all of a sudden? Why start going there when I haven't been to church in months? Well it was odd, had an impulse to walk there, out of the blue, Friday evening. I didn't expect anyone to be there. It was stations of the cross night, so the Father was there. AND he recognized me. @______@ which, surprised me, since my hair is a lot different since I last came to the church, which was.... jeez... a year ago. It was awkward, I think he could tell I don't practice anymore. But, it was just... purposeful. Like I was meant to be there. I walked all the way there and all the way home, with little problems. It was...2.6 miles one way. So over 5 miles overall. -looking at church website- ok, mass is at 10:30. Lessee... 20 minutes per mile (approx), and considering the terrain is rough (over hills and stuff) so add time... so yeah, a bit over an hour. hmm. I'll leave around 9 then. But yeah, going there got me thinking, and it brought me to thinking of the relief nursery that my mom used to run. As far as I'm aware, no one has been running it. If I could, hell, that'd get me volunteer hours, but also something to do, something that I feel is USEFUL. Taking care of kids is useful. And it'll be good for me, I do miss hanging out with kids when I volunteered for the elementary school. -laughs- I may be twice their age, but I just can let go, goof off with kids, just for once... be silly. Not have to make sense. Not have to worry about explanations, or complicated things. -chuckles- probably why kids love me, I don't mind being silly with them XDDDDD It'll be fun.... IF I can do it, if Father would let me, if anyone would show up. XP I have a feeling I can though. -smiles- For once I'm actually OPTIMISTIC about this, which is a change -is a pessimist by nature- It'll be nice. It's my home church, so a part of me will always be there. But... -ear twitches, looks a little distant- it's a bit different though. And I'll never look at it the same, either. Just as my big sis never will. I mean, I share similar sentiments as her. She had said, "If there was a God, he wouldn't have let me be molested in his own house." I don't think exactly that, but to me, there'll always be a bit of a dark connotation to church. Hence why I haven't gone in....a long time. It's just not the same as it was when I was young, naive, innocent. And yet I'm WILLINGLY returning. Well, I remember what it was like for me and my big sis. The nursery was safe for us, and we helped out with the younger kids. So, that part is still safe and untainted to me. Hence why it's okay for me to be there. But main church? And mass? -shakes head- naw. My beliefs don't correlate with Catholicism much anymore. But I want to help the kids, and teach them Catholicism, as it is a good faith. -looks at how long this journal is, decides to shut up and stop ranting, and get some sleep- well, it'll be fun.
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